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CaffèMilano-The Italian Coffee House is proud to offer the Moccamaster filter coffee machines to enhance your at home or office coffee brewing experience with our fresh roasted coffee.

Moccamaster filter coffee machines have been created and designed in 1964 by Gerard Clement Smith. Handmade in the Netherlands in the Technivorm factory, Moccamaster has been worldwide known for 50 years for its iconic designs and excellent performances. 

Moccamaster has become the reference for professional baristas and coffee roasteries across the world for speciality coffee tasting. For instance, Alain Ducasse has recently made the decision to use the machines from Moccamaster as his representing filter coffee machines among his shops. Our brand is represented in numerous international events like the Paris Coffee Festival, The World of Coffee in Berlin and the Lisbon Coffee Fest in Portugal. 

Moccamaster technology offers customers the perfect coffee bloom through its high-end coffee machines. The philosophy of the founder of Moccamaster has always been to provide a better cup of coffee with high quality, long-lasting and reliable products. Technivorm works with market-leading international coffee research centres. Its technology has been certified by both the European Coffee Brewing Centre and the Specialty Coffee Association.


The Moccamaster Select is an innovative remake of the iconic bestseller KBG Moccamaster machine. It is the best machine for brewing  for brewing 2-10 golden cups of aromatic coffee. The Select mode regulates the water flow for an optimal extraction from a half-jug.



Ideal temperature of water between 92° and 96° for a better extraction of the coffee aromas. 



The Select offers you the perfect extraction time of 5,5 minutes. The time of extraction should be at least 4 minutes for the perfect deployment of coffee flavour

s and savours but less than 8 minutes otherwise the coffee would be bitter. With Moccamaster, your coffee will reveal his deepest flavours. 



The hotplate adjusts its temperature to the quantity of coffee in the jug to avoid burning the coffee. 



The Select corresponds to the luxury iconic Moccamaster model.



Every machine is handmade and tested in the Netherlands.


5 Years of Guarantee

Free Delivery / Collect in Store

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