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Limited edition micro-lot coffee from Colombia.

This delicious cup of excellence competition coffee has been grown by Elsa Mercedes Gamboa at finca El Durazno in Moniquirá-Boyacá, Colombia. Elsa has a long history in coffee, she has been a coffee grower for more than 40 years. She lives on the farm with her husband and their three children who all help out on the farm picking and processing the coffee fruit. Elsa has always been focused on quality, especially over the past years she has been experimenting with fermentation to find the optimal quality for her coffee. She is also taking care of the environment, her goal is to keep producing high-quality coffee while being very careful with water and consequences for the environment. We have a limited micro-lot of Elsa’s coffee roasted by us here in Jávea. 500g

Elsa Mercedes Gamboa COLOMBIA Micro-Lot 500g

€ 44,00Prezzo
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